Workshop Flow

1. Brand Attributes

This session is all about defining your brand using just keywords and short phrases. We populate six categories ‐  Culture, Customers, Voice, Benefit, Value and X-Factor, covering all aspects of your company. The words under each category are then weighted multiple times to then create a Brand Statement, that encapsulates the essence of the entire company in just a few, powerful lines of text. The beauty of this exercise is that it leaves you with a set of words and phrases that basically defines your brand and what it stands for and every one of these words can be directly converted into creatives. As beautifully stated by the famous Tony Di Spigna “It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the hands of the right designer, a word is worth a thousand pictures”.

2. User Profiles

In this session, we define the ideal customers for your business based on demographics, psychographics, needs and solutions to these needs. Here we dive deep into the minds of the consumers and try to really understand them and unearth their wants and desires. This knowledge puts you in a position of great advantage. Knowing who your audience is and what they want will allow you to tailor creative communication in a way that really resonates with them.

3. Goal Prioritisation

This exercise helps prioritise, using a unique scoring system, how the organisation makes money, markets itself and create’s systems. The end result is a list of the most important goals, split into 3 categories of Awareness, Revenue and Efficiency and ordered by priority. This session of the workshop often also leads to great business ideas that can then be validated using the information gained from the previous sessions.

4. Hand-off

This last phase typically happens over a one week period, where we take all the information, knowledge and insights gained from the previous sessions, assimilate them and compile them into a meaningful, actionable document that your organisation can then use as a foundational guide at every step of the design process.

Business Impact 


The interactive and collaborative nature of these workshops help build synergy among team members and also between the management and creatives. This allows everyone to get on the same page and align in a way that is simply not possible otherwise. This results in a better work environment which leads to better ideas, increased efficiency, and an overall better approach to design.


The workshop sessions are structured to bring about a sense of holistic clarity with respect to the most important aspects of your business. Every participant will leave with a deep understanding of what the brand stands for, who exactly it caters to and what the most pressing goals are. Design ideas that stem from this kind of clarity have a much higher chance of creating real impact.


The reason these workshops are so effective is that they help lay down a robust foundation before starting any creative work. This really forces the participants to define and understand the problems before trying to solve them. This fact-based approach dramatically boosts efficiency and saves months of back and forth, subjective arguments with your design agency or in-house design teams, and endless revisions.