Creative Strategy
& Design

We help businesses with the critical, often missing, diagnostic step in the creative process that helps them understand where to focus their time and money to truly leverage the power of design.
As form follows function, design follows strategy.

Creative Strategy Explained

Much like a good doctor would not prescribe a treatment before they’ve studied your symptoms and diagnosed you, we strongly believe that a creative process that follows the same principles is far more efficient and can help save you a lot of time and money. You may be convinced you need a new website, but a strategy session with us will help you either validate that or make you realise you need something entirely different to solve the problem at hand.

“It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the hands of the right designer, a word is worth a thousand pictures”
Tony Di Spiga

What We Offer

Here’s how we can help you and your business take an informed, fact-based approach to your design needs

Strategy Workshops

Define your brand, target audience and prioritised goals in a way that ensures that all design work going forward is on brand and on message.
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Design Consultation

One on one, brainstorming and discussion regarding any aspect of your brand, to help tackle creative challenges you maybe facing.

UX Analysis

Deep UX analysis of your existing product, to uncover inconsistencies, deviations from best practices and other issues that can help improve the overall experience.

3 people smiling and pointing at the white board at the workshop
facilitator filling up a table on a white board
close up of a technical design sketch with a measuring tape visible
3 people sketching and working on laptops at a workshop
hand sketching on a pink post it note
facilitator filling up a table on a white board

Our Work

Various projects that have benefitted from our strategic approach to design

close up of the CROP product and a hand using the smart app
website screen for iRecon a pre-owned dealership manager
panel of the VFIT fitness app showcasing 2 app screens
logo for ConnectHealth
poster that says WILD along with a paint swirl
logo for Cornerstone the page builder by Themeco
logo for Ninth Month the maternity brand

Clients & Partners

A few of the amazing people and companies we’ve been so lucky to work with

“The workshops by Aglet brought a lot of insight in terms of branding to Crop. It is excellent to have a one-stop-shop and to interact with entrepreneurs who understand our constraints and challenges. We now regularly refer to the reports to define our strategy.”

Michael Setton

Director, IoT Stars Limited

“Working with Aglet helped us aligning our strategy and key messaging. They are cooperative, responsive and quick”

Nikos Dousis

Business Development Head, One Appy

“I have collaborated with Raghunath (Founder of Aglet) in strategy, branding and product development and was most impressed with his capacity of following methodic approaches to achieve creative outcomes. His facilitation skills allied with visual and branding knowledge make him an invaluable element of any team that is looking to reach game-changing results.”

Fabio Salvador

Director, Makers Department

“We are very excited about our partnership with Aglet, it is not often you find partners that are so aligned on vision and values. We are looking forward to using our expertise in digital product design to help shape exciting businesses looking to disrupt the competitive landscape.”

Jonathan Wilson, Cristiano Santos-Pinto

Co-Founders, fello.